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Racing Regulatory Jurisdictions

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The "William May" Award

In recognition of an individual or entity that has had a profound positive effect on professional racing.   This is the ARCI’s highest award.

Past Recipients:

1986  Robert P. Strub, Santa Anita

1987  Breeders’ Cup Ltd.

1988  Daily Racing Form

1989  Stanley F. Bergstein, HTA

1990  James P. Ryan, Ryan Foundation

1991  The Jockey Club

1992  William Shoemaker, Jockey

1993  Tony Chamblin, ARCI

1994  Joe Hirsch, Racing Columnist

1995  Paul Mellon, Philanthropist

1996  Allen Paulson, Owner and Breeder

1997  James E. Bassett III, Keeneland

1998  Fred Noe, USTA

1999  Bob and Beverly Lewis, Horse Owners

2000  R.D. Hubbard, Track, Horse Owner

2001  John R. Gaines, Horse Owners, Breeders’ Cup

2002  American Quarter Horse Association

2003  American Association of Equine Practitioners

2004  Racetrack Chaplaincy Program

2005  Lonny T. Powell, Past RCI President and CEO

2006  Curtis Barrett, University of Louisville

2007  American Greyhound Council

2008  University of Arizona, Race Track Industry Program

2009  Richard Duchossois, Arlington Park

2010  Paul J. Bowlinger, Former RCI Employee

2011  Team Zenyatta

2012  John and Barbara Smicklas

2013  Steve Barham

2014  Jim Gowen, TRPB

2015  W. Dalton Dietrich, Ph.D.

2016  Dan Fick

2017  Racing Medication and Testing Consortium

2018  Cecil Alexander

2019  Alan Foreman

2024 John Wayne

The "Len Foote" Award

In recognition of exemplary service and contribution to racing integrity by a Commission Executive Director as chosen by his/her peers.

Past Recipients:

1991 Bill Linton, Arizona

1992 Bruce Garland, New Jersey

1993 Gordon Hare, Oklahoma

1994 Larry Eliason, South Dakota

         Dennis Oelschlager, Nebraska

1995 Ken Kirchner, Pennsylvania

1996 Frank Lamb, Wyoming

1997 Steve Barham, Oregon

1998 Frank Zanzuccki, New Jersey

1999 Joe Gorajec, Indiana

2000 Roy Wood, California

2001 Bruce Batson, Washington

2002 Cliff Nelson, Ohio

2003 John Wayne, Delaware

2004 Charles Gardiner III, Louisiana

2005 Paul M. Kelley, New Hampshire

2006 Stan Bowker, Virginia

2007 Dan Hartman, Colorado

2008 Ben Nolt, Pennsylvania

2009 Lisa E. Underwood, Kentucky

2010 Charla Ann King, Texas

2011 Dick Krueger

2012 Tino Rieger, Oklahoma

2013 Hugh Gallagher, Delaware Harness

2014 Marc Laino, Illinois

2015 Tom Sage, Nebraska

2016 Doug Moore, Washington

2017 Mike Hopkins, Maryland

2018 Marc Guilfoil, Kentucky

2019 Rick Baedeker, California

2023 Judith Nason, New Jersey

2024 Charles Moore, Wyoming

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AnchorRelated Groups & Organizations

Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC)

RCI members are active participants in the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.  RCI President Ed Martin serves on the Board of Directors of the RMTC along with Dr. Lynn Hovda, Chair of the Regulatory Veterinarians Committee.    Alternate Directors include the Chair of the RCI Drug Testing Standards and Practices  Committee, Duncan Patterson of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission, and Michael Hopkins, Executive Secretary of the Maryland Racing Commission. 

RCI members support the RMTC indirectly through the dedication, time and talent of individual commission employees, vendor laboratories and association staff.

Racing Officials Accreditation Program (ROAP)

RCI Model Rules require that commission racing officials be properly accredited through programs approved by the Racing Officials Accreditation Program and conducted by approved program hosts.  The association supports ROAP both financially and by the participation of staff in ROAP projects.    Former RCI Director Frank Lamb serves as Chair of the Steward’s Committee which functions as a joint committee of the ROAP and ARCI.  RCI President Ed Martin serves as a member of the ROAP Board of Directors.

ROAP sets criteria for accreditation and reviews and approves the content of Steward Schools and continuing education programs.

Organization of Racing Investigators (ORI)

The Organization of Racing Investigators provides an intelligence network of information between track level investigators working for regulatory commissions, licensed tracks, and groups such as the TRPB.   The ORI holds an annual training session for its members to examine the latest investigatory techniques, enforcement concerns, and effective tactics.

The ARCI provides organizational support for the ORI.

National Racing Compact (NRC)

The National Racing Compact is an government agency/interstate compact providing multi-jurisdictional licensing services to industry participants and commissions.  The NRC operates out of the RCI offices under a management agreement between the two entities.